Packaging Materials, Boxes, & Supplies Available At A-Able.

Small Book Box

18”x12”x12” (1.5 cubic feet.)

Books, record albums, tools, files, canned goods and other small, heavy items.

Medium Moving Box

18”x18”x18” (3.38 cu. ft.)

Lamp shades, kitchen items, toys, clothing, bathroom items. Our most versatile carton.

Large Moving Box

18”x18”x24” (4.5 cu. ft. )

Kitchen items, toys, clothing, linens, towels, lamp shades etc.

Extra Large Moving Box

24”x24”x24” (8.0 cu. ft.)

Large lamp shades, floral arrangements, pillows, comforters, light-weight bulky items.

Wardrobe W/Bar


Hanging clothes, dining room chairs, large house plants, draperies, etc.



Double wall carton for all FRAGILE items: dishes, small pictures, lamps, stereos, CRT’s, vases, etc.

2 Piece Telescoping Box-for framed pictures/mirrors
. From 37”x4”x30” up to
37”x4”x60” Cost is per piece.

Queen-size Mattress Bag

Plastic bag fits box spring and mattress-inhibits spoilage.

King-size Mattress Bag

Fits box spring and mattress

Sofa Cover
Plastic bag fits sofa-prevents spoilage. (Especially good for velvet and light-colored fabrics.)

Chair covers

Designed for large chairs. (2 per pack)

Packing Paper
(Clean, white, unprinted) 10lbs. Figure bundle/dish-pack w/o divider sets and 1-bundle per 4 dish-packs with divider sets.

Small Bubble Wrap

12” wide. 250’ length

Loosefill (Peanuts)
14 cu. ft.

2”x 55 yds.

Marker Pens
-Long Life

Polypro Rope
¼” x 50’ High Strength, minimum stretch. Won’t shrink or decay.

Utility Knife
Strong and durable for long-lasting use.